Solar System Trivia

  1. Why is Mars red?

  2.  What causes a solar eclipse?

  3.  Which planet rotates on its side?

  4.   How many large groups of rings does Saturn have?

  5.  Name the 5 planets located beyond the asteroid belt.

  6.  How much of the Earth is covered with water?

  7.  Is the sun a planet, a star, or a comet?

  8.  Where is the Oort Cloud?

  9.  Where would the biosphere be found?

10.  Why does Mercury have craters?

11.  Which planet was once thought to be two planets?

12.  Which planet is closest to the sun?

13.  Which planets have rings?

14.  Which planet is big in total size but has a small core?

15.  What keeps the planets in orbit around the sun?

16.  Why is Pluto different from the other outer planets?

17.  What planet is the hottest in our solar system?      

18.  How many planets are made of gas?

19.  Name the inner planets?

20.  What is the largest star in our solar system?


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